Ground-breaking pre-sentence RJ to be introduced

Published: Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Ground-breaking legislation on Restorative Justice is being introduced by the Government to allow courts to propose RJ to offenders and victims pre-sentence.

The Restorative Justice amendment (Clause 28) was proposed by Lord McNally on 31st October, a long time proponent of RJ, and accepted by the Lords select committee.

A further amendment (12 ) to add victims to the list of interested parties and to ensure that RJ was not imposed, was withdrawn due to questions about the cost of deferment.

The timetable for the Bill shows when it will be debated again.

Pre-sentence RJ was used extensively in the Home Office trials in 2002-7 which demonstrated that victims benefit hugely. There are three pathfinder projects currently underway in UK Prisons to trial pre-sentence RJ.

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