Case Study: Burglary Victim

Published: Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Burgled houseJohn crept into Larry’s house in the early hours of the morning. He took his iphone and car keys from right beside his sleeping head and then stole his car.

Larry woke the next morning with a shock to realise he had been burgled. Struggling to come to terms with the burglary and his loss, Larry was deeply affected by the crime, losing sleep, changing his car, and eventually moving house.

In a restorative justice meeting in July, Larry met John and had the opportunity to piece together the whole story. He told John what a terrible impact his theft had left on him. Larry told John that his grandchildren could have been in the house. It was at that moment that John realised the harm he could have caused by frightening the children out of their wits.

Outcome: John apologised profusely in the meeting and Larry was able to stop turning over and over the previously unresolved parts of the burglary, to pick up his life, and cast off the shadow of being a victim.

Burglary Larry and John CONFERENCE July 2013

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