First Observer attends restorative justice meeting

Published: Thursday, September 12th, 2013

The first observer to witness a restorative justice meeting said it was an overwhelmingly positive experience for all involved.

“Sitting in on a conference has really enriched my understanding of the restorative justice process. When you read about conferences it is hard to imagine just how powerful they can be, yet the conference I observed was clearly emotionally charged. I felt it was an overwhelmingly positive experience for all involved; the offenders’ apology felt entirely genuine and his remorse was clear to see – which seemed to help the victims get the answers they wanted and find some closure” Rosie Miles Centre for Social Justice 

Why me? are running the national Observer Programme for two years. We organise access to restorative justice meetings so that decision-makers can make up their own minds about the potential of restorative justice in England and Wales.

Brighton Police, who use restorative justice meetings as a way of reducing reoffending and giving victims a voice,  convened and facilitated the meeting. The Burglar is a transcription of another restorative justice meeting  organised by the same Police Force between an offender and seven of his victims.

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