Victim of mugging meets young offender in HMP Littlehey

Published: Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

BBC home a_69760802_symondsffairs correspondent Tom Symonds was mugged at knifepoint last year and the perpetrator is now serving a four-year sentence. Tom went to meet him as part of a restorative justice programme, which aims to cut reoffending by confronting criminals with the consequences of their actions.

Why me? initiated this conference following an approach from Tom. The offender was located, a facilitator appointed and the conference given the go ahead by HMP Littlehey. Tony Walker, the Restorative Solutions facilitator, undertook the preparation, fully preparing all the participants, including the offender’s mother and father.

I wasn’t exactly looking forward to trekking to a Cambridgeshire prison on a sunny day. I felt the mugger would get more out of this than me, and many victims may ask what’s in it for them. But then I realised that I genuinely wanted to make this guy change his ways. Rethink his life. I feel like a bit of a do-gooder, but I confess it would make me feel good to persuade him out of future crime.

Tom Symonds

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