Rape victim meets attacker after 7 years

Published: Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Katja Rosenberg, who was raped in 2006, met her attacker in prison in a Restorative Justice meeting.

I found it a rewarding, uplifting experience. Katja Rosenberg.

Although not suitable for all victims of crime, it was clearly an extremely positive experience for Katja. She was not allowed to reveal any details of the meeting, but it lasted two and a half hours.

She decided to forgive her attacker and this was a useful part of the process for her, though not a necessary part of a successful Restorative Justice meeting. Victims can choose whether to forgive or not. They may simply want to find out the other half of the story, like Larry did when he met his burglar, and tell the person who harmed them about the impact of their crime.

We are concerned that it took Katja 7 years to meet her attacker. What stopped her from getting Restorative Justice sooner? Why did she have to push for it? No-one should be forced to participate but equally no-one should have to fight for it.

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