Too few victims are offered Restorative Justice. Why?

Published: Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Much hard work, time, good will and Government money has been invested in Restorative Justice, yet it still doesn’t happen much. Why me? has compiled a report into why this is and what can be done to rectify the situation – to give every crime victim in England and Wales who wants it the opportunity to participate.  We are sending this report to Government ministers, to MPs and senior figures in the criminal justice world.  On Monday 16th November – the first day of International Restorative Justice Week – we will have a round table discussion at REMEDI in Sheffield bringing together some key figures including a representative from the Ministry of Justice, in an attempt to break down barriers  and find solutions.

Click below for a summary or a full version of the report.

Why me Restorative Justice Summary Barriers and Solutions

Why me Restorative Justice Full Barrier and Solutions report October 2015

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