Why me? launches new Restorative Service

Published: Thursday, June 4th, 2015


Crime victims are invited to meet offenders in big new service launch

Why me?, the national charity which has been campaigning since 2008 for more Restorative Justice, this week rolls out a direct offer to victims of crime:

“Get in touch and we’ll get the restorative process rolling for you”.

Eighty five per cent of crime victims who have participated in Restorative Justice say they’re satisfied with it.  It can provide answers to questions and give reassurance.  It allows people to recover and get on with their lives, free from fear.

“After meeting my burglar I got my confidence back”, said one victim of crime.

Up till now Restorative Justice provision for victims has been a bit of a postcode lottery across England and Wales.  But now everyone has the chance to ask for it.  Why me? are inviting people to contact them directly at


There are trained staff available to assess cases, who will do their best to get the best possible outcome for anyone who gets in touch, regardless of what part of England or Wales they’re from.  Of course, Restorative Justice can only work if the offender in the case has been identified and apprehended, but it doesn’t matter which stage of the police or court process the victim is at.

It also doesn’t matter how long ago the crime took place. Victims of crimes ranging in seriousness from anti-social behaviour through to arson, rape and murder  have all benefitted from taking part in Restorative Justice.  Remember though, a meeting will only happen after thorough preparation and assessment by a trained facilitator.

This new service is completely charitably funded thanks to donations from the Porticus Trust and the Charles Hayward Foundation.

For more information please get in touch info@why-me.org



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