Why me? on BBC Radio York

Published: Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Valuing Victims Campaign Manager, Trevor Watson, took the opportunity to speak on the Jules Bellerby show about Restorative Justice (RJ) nationwide and the benefits it has for both victims and offenders.

During International Restorative Justice (RJ) week 2017, Why me? produced part two of our Valuing Victims Campaign. Through Durham and Sussex Case Studies, the report demonstrated good practice in monitoring arrangements, proposed how this could be developed nationally and how the Ministry of Justice could support all Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) to do this.

On Friday 24th November BBC Radio York, dedicated a full days coverage to Susan’s story, a rape victim sharing here engagement with RJ and what it was like to meet the man ten years on from the attack.

It’s great that Radio York has committed a full day’s coverage to victims experience with restorative interventions. It fully supports the recommendations in our report that public awareness of RJ should be a priority.

Trevor Watson (Why me? Valuing Victims Campaign Manager)

Trevor’s conversation with Jules is available online till Saturday 23rd December 2017, listen from 1:46:38.

Connect with your local restorative service

If you are a victim or victim service wanting to connect with Restorative Justice Service in North Yorkshire, please contact Remedi restorative justice.

If you live elsewhere in the country and would like to connect with your service but don’t know how, contact our restorative justice Coordinator on 020 3096 7708.

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