Forward Together for All?

Published: Friday, May 19th, 2017

The Conservative Party has unveiled its Manifesto titled ‘Forward, Together – Our Plan for a Stronger Britain and a Prosperous Future.’

The section headed ‘Standing up for Victims’ sets out the Conservative Party approach as follows:

  • We will ensure that victims of crime are supported at every stage of the criminal justice
    system. We will enshrine victims’ entitlements in law, making clear what level of service
    they should expect from the police, courts and criminal justice system. [p46]

Director of Why me? Lucy Jaffé said:

“The commitment to enshrining victims’ entitlements in law is welcome and measures must be put in place to ensure it is enforced. The definition of the service that victims can expect to receive from the police, courts and criminal justice system will be extremely important.
If the Conservatives receive a mandate from the British public to form the next Government I encourage them to engage widely; drawing on both professional knowledge and individual victims experiences to shape the proposed law.”

It is of note that there is no reference to restorative justice contained within the 88 page document.

Director of Why me? Lucy Jaffé said:

“I hope the omission of restorative justice is an oversight rather than an active decision given that earlier this week – on a campaign visit to Nottinghamshire – the Prime Minister spoke of the “huge impact” it can have on changing offenders’ behaviour.
As well as enabling the offender to understand the impact of their actions participation in restorative justice empowers the victim.”

The final weeks of the campaign before the public go to the polls on Thursday 8th June will see the policy pledges from all parties robustly tested both in the media and on individual doorsteps across the country.

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