Live Twitter Q&A with Lucy and Peter

Published: Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Last week we tried something new on Twitter, a live Question and Answer session with Director Lucy Jaffé and Why me? Ambassador Peter Woolf;  aimed at increasing the dialogue on the future for Restorative Justice.

The starting point for the discussion was the General Election. What does the result mean for Restorative Justice? Each of the parties had made reference to better supporting victims in their Manifestos.

Themes that emerged during the hour were:

  • The importance of ensuring that victims and Restorative Justice remain high on the Government agenda.
  • The need to ensure that people really knew their rights around Restorative Justice and that this requires greater promotion.
  • The belief that we are on the cusp of having RJ firmly embedded into our system

It was positive to learn during the Q&A from @VictimSupportRJ that Warwickshire and West Mercia Restorative Justice now offer Restorative Justice information leaflets to victims during initial calls and have a very positive uptake.

Peter said he felt enthused and commented:

It was nice to know that there are people who are searching for the same goal, who are passionate enough to make it happen.

We have to start making the right noises in the same direction and the right one, not in different directions. Today was a start.

Lucy thanked all those who took part in the Q&A and said:

“It was great to hear your views about what should happen next to get Restorative Justice out to more people. We are getting messages which show that there is a groundswell of support for #RestorativeJustice and some great knowledge and experience across England and Wales. We are still listening and want to know your views. Like @RayandVi Donovan say, “RJ is not rocket science.”

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