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Published: Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Restorative Justice (RJ) may not seem the most obvious cope and recover option for a victim of a serious sexual offence, but for some people it is a way to obtain answers and to talk about the impact of the crime. Rosalyn Boyce is one woman who knows about the power and potential of meeting the perpetrator of the crime against her. And she had to fight for the right to meet him.

Rosalyn along with Lucy Jaffe, Director of Why me?, addressed a CPD training day for the Serious Sexual Offending Unit at GMP. The Police attending were all ears by Rosalyn’s story and the eloquence of her delivery.

Detective Chief Inspector, Chris Mossop of Greater Manchester Police:

The Officers attending the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learnt about the importance of victims having choice and the right to be informed about the RJ process and how it works. They Why me? RJ Presentation is one of the best things I have heard and Rosalyn is truly inspirational. I recommend this Why me? presentation highly to services working with victims.

Rosalyn said:

If I can open up access to Restorative Justice for one more victim by speaking about my own experience, I will have done a good day’s work.

Why me? aim to unblock victims’ access to RJ by supporting victims to speak out and to explain how RJ can be delivered safely and appropriately. For more information, email

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