[Meet the Team] Isabella’s first month with Why me?

Published: Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Isabella is a recent Criminology and Social Policy graduate from Cardiff University and is with Why me?  for four months providing administrative support to the Restorative Justice Service and Communications and Campaigns team.


I hope to work within the Criminal Justice System in some capacity. Through being at Why me? I feel I can learn more about the career field and which area I am most interested in.

From Study to Practice

I have been passionate about Restorative Justice for some time, having covered it during my studies and also hearing about it from family members. I believe that it is an important issue within Criminal justice and one which has rightly gained prominence in the past couple of years.

I chose to apply for an internship at Why me? as I felt that it is an amazing organisation that is addressing a really important issue. Since June I have been shadowing and helping with all aspects of the organisations work. I aim to be able to contribute to its growth and development.

I feel that working here will give me valuable experience and knowledge. Over the past month I have helped in many aspects of the organisation’s work. I have worked alongside Alicia, supporting her in the promotion and publication of the Valuing Victims Campaign whilst also working with Jyoti, our Deputy Restorative Justice Coordinator on case management. I am using my theoretical knowledge from university whilst also gaining industry knowledge first hand.  For me, this internship is a perfect bridge between university and the professional world.

I have really enjoyed my first month at Why me? with everyone and looking forward to all the opportunities I will face over the coming months.

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