Police and Crime Commissioner Response to Valuing Victims Report

Published: Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Individual responses received to the Why me? review of Police and Crime Commissioners’ Funding of Restorative Justice 2013-2017 report.

Avon and Somerset

Avon & Somerset overall RJ expenditure on RJ in 2016/17 was £258,300 i.e.  Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Victims fund money (£121,116) plus other PCC funds (£137,184). This is split between the three service providers that were in place at that time – Bristol Neighbourhood Justice Team in Bristol (£41,000), Bristol Mediation covering the North East of Avon and Somerset (£50,000), Somerset Community Justice (£62,000) and the three Lighthouse RJ Coordinators (just over £100,000).


The Office of the Dorset Police and Commissioner seeks to address the expenditure figures
quoted in the Why me? Valuing Victims report 2017.

While we do not seek to go behind the figures quoted in the report, it does not give an
accurate reflection of actual spend on restorative justice in 2016/17.

In Dorset in 2016/17 a total of £123,871 was spent on Restorative Justice provision, using
Government funding, mainly through Home Office funding (the Commissioner’s Safety

Using the Why me? calculation from the *Office for National Statistics (2017) the Restorative
Justice spend per recorded crime in 2016/17 was £2.76, not £0.02 as reported.

We acknowledge that Why me? state in their report that the data they rely on may not be
fully representative of the individual PCCs’ total spend on victims’ services and that is the
case in Dorset.

* Office for National Statistics (2017), Crime in England and Wales: Police Force Area Data Tables



The accurate Restorative Justice expenditure for Essex for 2016/17 was £100k which represents £50k from Victim Service budget and £50k from other funding sources. This reflects expenditure of £1.48 per recorded crime.


Hamshire RJ expenditure from the stated Ministry of Justice allocation for was :

2013/14 –  £120,346

2014/15 – £3,284.

2015/16 –  £171,933

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