Reflections from our recent Team Forum

Published: Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

On Wednesday 19th July our Restorative Justice team welcomed Director Lucy Jaffé of Why me?, Peter Woolf, six facilitators and our latest recruit intern Izzy along with Michael Fajobi, RJ coordinator for Restore London.  Jyoti our Deputy RJ Coordinator lead the Forum shares reflections and learning from the day.


The team gathered to share current casework creating an environment for shared learning. Following on from the discussion both myself and Claire Dodds (other Restorative Justice Coordinator)  will be working on a guidance checklist for the team, supporting them in case management and working with participants and external organisations throughout the restorative process.

“Responsive and responsible decisions by facilitators ensure that the RJ process takes place in a timely manner, conducive to the best outcome.”

We have a truly invaluable team as different expertise and experience come together, informing current practice and improving how our RJ Service is delivered for benefit of stakeholders and especially victims of crime.


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