Restorative Justice: For the many or the few?

Published: Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

This morning saw the launch of the Labour party election Manifesto titled ‘For the many not the few.’ The electoral pledges set out in detail over 128 pages cover all areas of policy including police and crime, prisons and probation service.

The chapter headed Police and Crime states:

We will ensure appropriate support is provided to victims of crime and introduce legislation for minimum standard entitlements to service from criminal justice agencies. [p79]

The Manifesto makes specific reference to the role of Restorative Justice within youth offending institutions.

Under the heading Prisons and Probation Service the Manifesto states:

Labour’s innovative models of youth justice successfully turned round the lives of many young people, steering them away from crime and towards more constructive ways. In government, we will again continue to innovate and incentivise local authorities, police forces and probation services to engage effectively with young people at risk of drifting into anti-social or criminal behaviours. We will embed restorative justice practices across all youth offending institutions. [p84]

Director of Why me? Lucy Jaffé said:

“It is positive to see specific reference in the Manifesto to supporting victims of crime and the proposal to introduce legislation to ensure a minimum standard entitlement for those affecting by crime.

The commitment from Labour to embed restorative justice practice across all youth offending institutions is welcome. The next step is for all victims of crime to have access to Restorative Justice whether the offender is young or old.”

Will Restorative Justice feature in the Conservative and Liberal Democrat manifestos? Why me? will be analysing each party manifesto as it is published this week and sharing a summary on the news page.

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