#RJWeek2017: Higher levels of victim satisfaction in cases where restorative justice is used

Published: Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

In time for International Restorative Justice (RJ) week, we produced part two of our Valuing Victims report showing Good practice in monitoring arrangements should be developed nationally and PCCs supported to do this, but more importantly RJ meets the needs of victims.

The level of access victims of crime have to restorative justice and the quality of the service they receive is highly varied across England and Wales according to Why me?

The Valuing Victims Reports (Part I and II) offer comprehensive analysis of the investment into and delivery of restorative justice services by police and crime commissioners across England and Wales between 2013 and 2017.

The Valuing Victims Report finds that in areas where police and crime commissioner invest in restorative justice services victims report high levels of satisfaction. For example, in Sussex over 80% of victims who took part in restorative justice reported positive outcomes saying they felt safer, were coping better and had hope for the future.

Mr Monkhouse, a retired magistrate and former chair of the Magistrates Association, said:

In areas where restorative justice is being offered, the response from those harmed is positive. There are excellent examples of best practice but this is not yet consistent across England and Wales.

The Criminal Justice System is too focused on process and the offender and this needs to change if victims -who are said to be central to the system of justice – are not to be left behind.

Director of Why me? Lucy Jaffé said:

Currently there is no duty upon police and crime commissioners to publish on their provision and delivery of restorative justice. We feel this information is essential and should be in the public domain. 

There is work ongoing by the Ministry of Justice to develop a national performance framework for restorative justice services and we have sought to encourage this with our recommendations. 

Download Part I and Part II

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