#RJWeek2017: Why me? Ambassador receives Inspiring Communicator Awards

Published: Friday, November 24th, 2017

We’re thrilled that our victim ambassador, Rosalyn Boyce has been named as a winner at the CharityComms Inspiring Communicator Awards last night. The ‘Inspiring Communicator Awards’ recognises and celebrates people who are inspirational communicators within or for their organisations. The award ceremony celebrated winners who have all achieved great things.

Rosalyn has worked as an ambassador for Why me? since 2015, speaking with passion and conviction about her experience of restorative justice. As a survivor of sexual violence, it took her many years to find a restorative justice facilitator willing to take on her case. However in 2014, with the help of Why me? she finally met the man who had attacked her. Her moving story encourages and supports the work of Restorative Justice.

Her dedication to her work and communication with others is inspiring, to not only victims of sexual violence but many others. She campaigns for victim rights to Restorative Justice. She has recently secured a meeting with the head of the parole board and has now been invited to address its victims focus group to help ensure the development of best practice. Her bravery to tell her story to others has helped to support victims of crime and increase the impact of Why me?

Her campaigning work for greater access to Restorative Justice for victims of crime is highly appreciated by Why me? and we thank her for all the work she does. Her award is well deserved.


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