Supporting West Midlands serious and complex cases

Published: Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Following successful support to a West Midlands serious crime victim  Why me? have been commissioned by the Police and Crime Commissioner to undertake further complex and serious Restorative Justice (RJ) casework.

Our initial work involves establishing links with key stakeholders and other organisations in Birmingham to set up case referrals.

We now have links with West Midland’s victim services and have provided RJ awareness training for 30 victim service staff and managers. An excellent link with the Police RJ lead for the West Midlands has also been established and we are now planning involvement in a strategic RJ awareness event involving senior Police leaders.

Trevor Watson, Why me? project lead comments:

We have made some excellent contacts. It has helped to understand what is currently taking place within West Midlands so we can work effectively with these organisations. We believe serious and complex cases are best dealt with by experienced practitioners. It is so important for victims, and indeed all parties involved, that they are supported and it is done right.

We believes that there are lessons to be learnt also from listening to victims who have gone through the restorative process. We review each case to see if lessons can be learnt. In our most recent case there is a lot of learning .for a number of organisations. We feel, as a national charity we are well placed to take this learning and use it to improve the service victims receive.

The support to West Midlands will be delivered until end of March 2018.


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