Restorative Justice: transforming the way we do justice

Published: Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Our Director, Lucy Jaffé wrote about the power of Restorative Justice for the Howard League of Penal Reform’s Redesigning Justice Conference Bulletin. The piece shares four case studies of people who have experienced Restorative Justice. Stories like these raise questions about how we approach justice in Britain.

These four stories were from:

Will: who founded Why me? after meeting Peter Woolf, the man who burgled and assaulted him in 2002.

The experience motivated Will to fight for every victim to have the right to Restorative Justice, and inspired Peter to stop living a life of crime.

Sari: who returned home to find that her home had been burgled on Halloween.

She found meeting the boy who did it an emotional and positive experience, and hopes that he will have a valuable future ahead of him.

Rosalyn: who met the man who raped and tortured her while her two year old daughter slept in the room next door.

Rosalyn wanted to ask the attacker why he did it, and Restorative Justice gave her the chance to voice the harm that he had caused.

Jacob: who killed James with one punch, before meeting his parents in a Restorative Justice setting.

Hearing James’ parents talk about their love for their son reinforced Jacob’s determination to do everything he could to prevent others going through a similar trauma.

We hear these stories regularly at Why me? and are campaigning for the rights of all victims of crime to be offered Restorative Justice. It allows the harm caused by a crime to be addressed by the people affected by it, helping victims to recover from their often traumatic experiences.

Here are more case studies of victims who have been through Restorative Justice.

Here is Lucy’s full article – Restorative Justice: transforming the way we do justice, in the Howard League Bulletin.

Lucy Jaffe, Director

Lucy Jaffe, Director

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