Life as an intern at Why me?.

Published: Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

This article is by Sophie Jess, who is a volunteer intern with Why me?

In March I applied for a placement with Why me? through University and was invited to come for an interview. I told the Director Lucy Jaffe that I had no understanding of what Restorative Justice was, and she was happy to explain  how it works and what the charity does to help promote it. I became really intrigued by Restorative Justice, and was glad that they chose me for the placement.

Before starting my placement, I went on a course to get a better understanding of what Restorative Justice is. The course was three days long, and allowed me to get a deeper understanding of Restorative Justice, while meeting various people who wanted to learn more about Restorative Justice and how they could incorporate it into their jobs or day to day lives.

I then started my placement at Why me? in September. So far I’ve been here for four months and have thoroughly enjoyed my time helping all those in the office in various sectors of the charity. I help our Restorative Justice coordinators with all types of cases, as well as making sure that past cases have been closed properly, and that current cases are being put into the system correctly. I have worked particularly closely with our Restorative Justice coordinator Jyoti, and have learnt a lot about how to use the systems we use for cases. I have also been lucky enough to go along and meet an offender involved in a new case. This was really beneficial, as I got to see how the beginning of a case opens, how the process starts and the correct way for the process to be conducted.

I also help our Director Lucy however possible with her work.  For example, I help to set up meetings and contact everyone to make sure they are able attend, allowing Lucy to spend that time working on other ongoing projects.

I have got involved with Communications work as well, especially on Twitter. I schedule our tweets, look at our analytics to see how much activity we are getting from followers, whether this be from replies, retweets or likes on particular tweets, and see when our followers are most active on twitter.

Finally I have been giving the job of setting up a new charity donation page. I had never done anything like this before so I spent lots of my time researching various donation pages to find out the best one to use and which page would best help with our personal message and charity. This is an ongoing process which I hope will be completed soon.

This has been my role so far at Why me?, and I’m excited to see what the new year brings to the organisation.

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