Our workshop on LGBT+ Hate Crime and Restorative Justice

Published: Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

On Tuesday 18th June, Why me?’s Tehmina Kazi and Claire Dodds co-facilitated a workshop on LGBT+ hate crime and Restorative Justice, assisted by our new intern Bethan Nicholson.

We had 17 participants from a wide range of LGBT+ groups across London, as well as local authorities, MOPAC and the Metropolitan Police.  All of them contributed to a fruitful session, which will hopefully make them think about offering Restorative Justice to any of their service users who have experienced LGBT+ hate crimes.

Participants first heard about the Metropolitan Police and MOPAC’s approaches to the use of LGBT+ hate crime and Restorative Justice.  We then heard from Galop on their support services for LGBT+ hate crime victims, and why they found Restorative Justice to be such a useful intervention.

We discussed why there are so few well-publicised instances of Restorative Justice in LGBT+ hate crimes involving regular people (as opposed to celebrities), the dynamics of using Restorative Justice in celebrity cases where social media is involved, and whether it was appropriate to use Restorative Justice in complex and sensitive LGBT+ domestic violence cases.

We then discussed the importance of restorative approaches for housing disputes with elements of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic abuse, and what constitutes bad practice.  

Finally, there was a useful discussion about anonymity and the use of Restorative Justice, especially for LGBT+ young people who might not be out to friends or family.

Our thanks to the City Bridge Trust, who are funding this project.

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