In Conversation with Why me? intern Renan Araújo

Published: Friday, July 17th, 2020

Our Director Lucy Jaffé spoke to our policy intern Renan Araújo about his time at Why me?, what he learned, and what he will be doing next.

Renan was a pleasure to work with in unusual circumstances, and we wish him all of the best in his future.

You can watch their 3 minute conversation below (apologies for the video quality in the first 20 seconds)!

Key Points

  • Renan was a Policy & Research intern while studying for a Masters in Criminal Justice Policy at LSE.
  • He is a lawyer in Brazil, and has always been interested in Restorative Justice in his home country.
  • Renan’s work with us has focused primarily on writing a paper on restorative policing, and supporting Why me? with our submission to the Victims’ Code of Practice consultation.
  • He has had to work remotely for Brazil for the majority of his internship, and was impressed by how smoothly we were able to adapt during this period.
  • From August 2020 Renan will be working as a Research Assistant on a project called the “Legal Priorities project” – focusing on the impact of law on the long term future of humanity. He is also looking forward to finishing his Masters in the coming months.
  • We have loved working with Renan, and look forward to staying in touch with him.

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