News update in response to Covid-19 outbreak

Published: Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

At Why me? we are working on our response to the impact of #Covid19, working restoratively as a team to support our beneficiaries, volunteers, ambassadors and each other. From 18th March 2020 the teams will be working from home and all face-to-face meetings will cease to take place until further notice. We will work with everyone virtually or on the phone, keeping in touch with our beneficiaries, volunteers, supporters and networks.

As we have a great team of staff and volunteers in place at Why me?, with experience and knowledge and skills, we will be focussing on supporting our beneficiaries in new ways and devising ways of continuing our important work to increase access to Restorative Justice for victims of crime.

Stay in touch

If you want to get in touch with us, please email us on or drop us a direct message on Twitter @whymeUK. Just bear with us as we reorientate, plan and distribute the load.

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At this time #restorative practices become even more important in helping us to communicate without shame or blame.

We are collaborating and communicating with our networks to be stronger together in response to the outbreak and shutdown.

See this Why me? internal communications guide to get us started – feel free to use and share!

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