Why me? petition supports Restorative Justice in the Victims’ Law

Published: Thursday, October 28th, 2021

Restorative Justice transforms lives. People affected by crime across the country are getting the chance to have their voices heard, express how the incident affected them and move forward. 

But for far too many victims of crime, Restorative Justice is something that they never know is possible. They have no idea that they may be able to communicate their feelings to the person who harmed them, and are never able to consider what they might want to say or ask. 

The Government has repeatedly promised to introduce a Victims’ Law which will give victims of crime a legally binding set of rights which they are entitled to from the justice system. Why me? have launched a petition calling on the Justice Secretary Dominic Raab to include Restorative Justice as a named entitlement in this law. 

Everyone harmed by crime should be made aware of Restorative Justice, and be able to speak with a restorative practitioner to assess their options. This is already an entitlement in the Victims’ Code of Practice, but theory is not yet matching reality on the ground. Making this right legally enforceable in a Victims’ Law would help to change this.

Sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/dominic-raab-include-restorative-justice-in-the-victims-law

Please share with your friends, family, colleagues and on social media. We want to spread the word about the power of Restorative Justice, and how the justice system can unleash its potential.

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