Join our Action Learning Set for youth offending workers

Published: Friday, January 29th, 2021

Why me? are excited to offer five places to join a free Action Learning Set, available to people working in youth offending.

In action learning sets, a small group of people meet on a regular basis, bringing a problem, challenge or development issue from their current workload which requires action. A facilitator manages a monthly meeting, with participants taking turns to discuss a different issue each month.

Action Learning asks other participants to contribute questions which encourage reflection and are intended to help the individual explore their own thoughts, feelings and experiences – not give advice.

This is a fantastic opportunity to share challenges which you are experiencing in your role, learn about problems which other workers in youth offending teams have, and gain insight into how to solve them. This opportunity could be a really great chance for senior staff, case managers, panel members, and other YOT staff to understand the challenges facing people in other youth offending services across the country.

The theme of this Action Learning Set will be increasing access to Restorative Justice, with a particular focus on people from BAME communities. A representative from Why me? will also take part.

The first meeting is on March 15th and if you are interested in this opportunity we would love to hear from you with details about:

– Where you work

– What your role is

– Why you would like to join the Action Learning Set

Email if you are interested in taking part of have any further questions.

This activity is part of our Improving Restorative Justice for young people project, funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust.

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