We are looking for new partners to work with us on Project Articulate!

Published: Thursday, October 14th, 2021

We are looking for new partners to work with us on Project Articulate!

Project Articulate aims to widen access to Restorative Justice for people with English as an Additional Language (EAL). In year one of the project, we partnered up with Bedfordshire Signpost, Bedfordshire Youth Offending Service (YOS), Luton YOS and PBIC, a local community organisation working with migrants. We provided Restorative Justice training for all of the partners, focusing on the needs of participants with EAL and how Restorative Justice can work for them. We also collected a series of case studies which can be viewed on our Articulate project page. In December 2020 we hosted a roundtable event where we discussed the language and cultural barriers faced by people with EAL, and identified the need for cultural awareness training to overcome such barriers. 

Are you a restorative service or youth offending team that would like to work with Why me?. Over the next two years we would like to partner with two restorative services in two different areas who wish to strengthen their relationships with local community organisations who work with people with EAL, as well as increase the number of referrals they receive from people with EAL.

Project Articulate aims to not only increase access to Restorative Justice to people with EAL, but also to improve awareness of RJ practitioners, policy-makers, and other members of the criminal justice system, of the cultural and language barriers that people with EAL face, making them better equipped to support people with EAL. Through these partnerships we look to understand how to meet their needs, work effectively with interpreters, and highlight the measures that need to be taken in order to improve these services, ensuring language and cultural barriers don’t prevent people who have English as an Additional Language from accessing and benefiting from Restorative Justice. 

This three year project is funded by the Bell Foundation.

To find out more about Project Articulate, you can visit our project page on our website.


If you are interested in working with Why me? on this project please contact Sula Blankenberg at sula.blankenberg@why-me.org by the Friday 22nd of October. 


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