What could restorative providers need to disclose to the Parole Board? A handy guide.

Published: Thursday, April 8th, 2021

A number of factors are taken into account when someone is considered for parole. The Parole Board may be interested in a prisoner’s participation in Restorative Justice as part of this process, focusing on the impact it had on their behaviour, and whether this affects the level of risk posed.

Why me? worked with the Parole Board in 2018 to improve its panel members’ understanding of Restorative Justice, and to improve restorative practitioners’ understanding of the parole process. This collaboration resulted in two guidance documents being produced, one aimed at Parole Board members and the other at restorative practitioners.

In addition to this, we’ve found that restorative services require a better understanding of what information they may be asked to provide regarding Restorative Justice. Our new leaflet Disclosing information to the Parole Board explained for Restorative Services and Practitioners expands on this.

Restorative providers should only be asked to provide the basic facts of what happened, and should still respect the confidentiality of the restorative process.

We have also worked with the Parole Board on new guidance for their members about Restorative Justice, which will be published shortly. 

For more information about this work, please contact Linda Millington on Linda.Millington@why-me.org


Disclosing information to the Parole Board explained for Restorative Services and Practitioners


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