Why me? launches latest Valuing Victims Report

Published: Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

The latest report in the Valuing Victims series has been published today, analysing data held by the Ministry of Justice about the use of Restorative Justice across the country.


Why me?’s freedom of information request revealed a varied picture. While it is positive that the Ministry of Justice collects this information, the fact that they do not analyse or freely publish the data, and that the quality of the data is so poor, makes it difficult to draw firm conclusions. 


This is a missed opportunity, because proper scrutiny on the quality of Restorative Justice delivered in different police areas could shed light on where good work is happening, and where improvements could be made. This would help to ensure that victims of crime are getting the opportunities that they are entitled to in the Victims’ Code, and that they are given the tools they need to help them recover.


As it stands, the picture is rather hazier, but some insights can still be made. In particular, it is welcome that, for the first time, most police areas reported on how much was invested in their restorative service, which shows the range of investment being placed in Restorative Justice across the country.


This report focuses on:

  • The problems with the quality and breadth of the data on Restorative Justice
  • The findings about investment in restorative services across the country
  • Case studies about how six police areas approach restorative practice
  • Recommendations to the Ministry of Justice, Police & Crime Commissioners, Restorative Providers, Police and Victim services, and the Association of Police & Crime Commissioners.


Read the full report here: Why me? Valuing Victims Report

Join us on June 16th 10:00am – 12:00pm online where we will explain the findings and recommendations from this report. The Victim’s Commissioner Dame Vera Baird QC will also be speaking and there will be the opportunity to engage in live discussion.

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