Help us support the 95% of victims who don’t know about RJ

Published: Thursday, August 25th, 2022

This is a blog by our Fundraising Officer Lucy Harris and Communications Officer Keeva Baxter.


95:95 challengeAll victims of crime are entitled to information about Restorative Justice under the Victims Code of Practice, but the government’s Crime Survey for England and Wales revealed only 5% of victims with a known offender recall being given information about it. This means that 95% of victims of crime are not told about their entitlement to Restorative Justice. This needs to change.

Why me?’s fundraising team are travelling over 95 miles to raise awareness of this statistic and to raise money to help more people affected by crime to access Restorative Justice. 

Meet our fundraisers

The Baxter Family

Keeva is Why me?’s Communications Officer and she will be participating in the 95:95 challenge with her family; Cathy, Mike and Tate. The Baxter family will collectively be walking, swimming, cycling and kayaking 95 miles in a weekend. This will include a 30km cycle ride, a 15km kayak, a half marathon walk and 3km swim. 

They said: “Without being told about Restorative Justice, people affected by crime are not being given the support that they need. We hope that by raising awareness of such an important tool we can ensure that more people have access to it. Thank you to everyone who is supporting us, your donations will make a huge difference to Why me? and the people we support!” 

Lucy in her Why me? t-shirt

Lucy H is Why me?’s Fundraising and Public Relations Officer. She will be participating in the 95:95 challenge by doing a 10 mile hike on Wimbledon Common’s ‘Toast Rack Circular’ on Saturday 24th September.

Lucy said: “I’m looking forward to doing my 10 mile hike around my ‘hometown’ Wimbledon Common, and contributing to the staff and trustees team’s 95 miles. Not only will this be a lot of fun, but also will raise money to support the important work of Why me? to transform lives through Restorative Justice!”


Duncan in his Why me? t-shirt

Duncan is Why me?’s Fundraising Manager. He will be running 10km and swimming 1km in Brighton and Hove, on the 1st September! 

Duncan said: “I can’t wait to take part in the 95:95 Challenge and push myself physically while also helping such a fantastic charity.”



Leah T shirt pictureLeah t-shirt pictureLeah is our Restorative Justice Development Officer (Youth Justice). Leah is running 95km over the month of September. 

She says “I have seen first hand the power Restorative Justice can have to change the lives of people affected by crime and conflict. However, this can only happen if those people are given the information about Restorative Justice. 95% of victims of crime are being denied their right to information about this potentially life-changing service and this needs to change.”

Meka is Why me?’s Campaigns and Communications Manager. Meka is running 10km at the end of September. 


Meka said: “This will be my first run since sustaining a serious knee injury last year and I couldn’t be more excited to be doing it to raise money for Why me? Over the last six months, I’ve seen just how powerful Restorative Justice is and I’m so proud to be supporting my organisation as part of the 95:95 team.”

Mark is our Restorative Justice Coordinator. He will be walking 95 miles over the course of September with his golden retriever and black labrador cross, Frances!

Mark says “Frances and I are walking 95 miles to raise awareness about 95% of victims not being offered Restorative Justice and to support Why me? to improve this appalling statistic. By the time we are finished I expect my trainers to be worn out and Frances’ paws may need a little TLC, but we are up for the challenge please support any of us who are trying to complete this challenge”

The 95:95 team are also joined by one of our Trustees, David, who will be doing a 20-mile bike ride, and one of our volunteer facilitators, Kevin, who will be walking 95 miles across the month of September. 

How can I help?

Our fundraisers need your support! You can make a donation by clicking ‘Give Now’ on the donation page below.


As a small charity, Why me? is grateful for any donations you can make. Here’s how your donation can transform a life through Restorative Justice…

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If you are unable to donate, please share our Just Giving link with your family, friends and colleagues to help us widen access to Restorative Justice for all. For more information or to get involved please contact Lucy at

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