How does Why me? use core funding? 

Published: Friday, March 3rd, 2023

This blog is written by Fundraising Officer Lucy Harris. 


Why me? launched our urgent appeal for donations two weeks ago. Thank you to everyone who has helped us raise nearly £5,500. Our Chair of Trustees, Gillian Slovo, has recorded this message for all of our supporters:

Why me?’s project work is generously funded by a number of Trusts and Foundations, helping us deliver important, on-the-ground work improving access to Restorative Justice. 

But our vital core functions are under threat and we are asking for urgent funding to support them. This week, we are aiming to hit our donation target of 25%, raising over £7,500 to support our core operating costs. With core funding we can continue to: 

  • Provide our direct Restorative Justice service to victims of crime with complex and sensitive cases. Last year, our dedicated team of volunteers facilitated nine cases and managed 40 enquiries. With core funding, we can continue to provide training and opportunities for upskilling for our volunteers. 
  • Put together and publicise our Restorative Justice case studies, like “David’s”. Through telling their stories, they can provide powerful illustrations of how Restorative Justice has transformed their lives, and encourage others to explore whether Restorative Justice is right for them. With more core funding, we can ensure that our case studies are more diverse and representative of marginalised communities too.
  • Maintain our website and social media so that victims of crime can easily find out the information about Restorative Justice that they need. This includes our digital virtual map of Restorative Justice services, making it easy to find the Restorative Justice service in each area. This significantly simplifies the process of finding Restorative Justice for victims, who can then get in touch with their local service, encouraging them to take up their entitlement.
  • Continue to work with national and local government, Police and Crime Commissioners, and policy makers to ensure that Restorative Justice is routinely offered, and is readily available, to people affected by crime. Our recent successes include the introduction of a 10th KPI on Restorative Justice in the Youth Justice Board’s Recording Guidance for Youth Justice Services, and the support of the Justice Select Committee for improved rights to Restorative Justice in the Victims Bill.  


With core funding in 2022, Why me? continued to flourish and hit new milestones and achievements, including:

12 presentations delivered by Why me?’s lived experience ambassadors.

❖ 100% of our Annual Conference attendees who gave us feedback said they would recommend Why me? events and 88% said that they would rate it 4 or 5 out of 5.

❖ One of five nominees for the Outstanding National Organisation Award at the Criminal Justice Alliance Awards.

Please make a donation today so that we can continue these vital activities. With your support, Why me? can continue to grow and flourish this year, bringing positive solutions to people’s lives.

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