Published: Thu, December 1st, 2011

Our Trustees

Chair, Richard Monkhouse, Statistician and former Chair of the Magistrates’ Association

Richard Monkhouse

Richard is currently a trained RJ facilitator and Witness Support Volunteer for Manchester Crown Court. He has also previously worked with the Restorative Justice Council to increase magistrates’ knowledge and decrease fears about the restorative justice process. Professionally, Richard has helped industry to improve quality and resource utilisation by using statistical methods such as Statistical Process Control. Richard joined Why me? in April 2016 and was nominated Chair in December 2016.

Anne McHardy, Secretary

Secretary, Anne McHardy, is a journalist, specialising in terrorism, politics and social affairs.

She was the Guardian’s Northern Ireland correspondent in the late 1970s and continues to write about Irish affairs. She also writes on education and social issues for a number of national newspapers. She experienced RJ first-hand when she and her husband were invited by the Metropolitan Police to attend a facilitated meeting with a man who had, a few weeks before, mugged her in a north London street close to her home. A video of that conference continues to be used as a teaching tool for RJ facilitators.


Janet Fleming has extensive experience in third sector management and governance.Janet Fleming

Previously with National Council for Voluntary Organisations and a founder and supporter of Skills Third Sector, Janet joined the Board in November 2011. She is a member of the fundraising sub-committee.



Catherine Heard, Director of the World Prison Research Programme at the Institute for Criminal Policy Research

Catherine began her career as a solicitor in internationa147l litigation and later moved into the field of criminal justice policy. Since 2009, she has worked on law reform projects relating to extradition, procedural defence rights, hate crime and alternatives to imprisonment.Catherine became a trustee of Why me? in April 2016.



Kim Smith is a former London police officer and a practitioner in restorative approaches for the past two decades.

He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the subject and is committed to raising awareness of restorative justice and promoting high quality standards of practice.  Although currently pursuing higher academic qualifications he maintains a passionate advocate for restorative approaches in all its diverse formats. He joined Why me? as a trustee in December 2016.

Dr. Davina Cull, is an experienced Criminal Justice Practitioner and Restorative Justice Manager. 

Davina started her criminal justice system career in the Police Service, leaving to design, deliver and manage Make Amends (a Local Authority RJ project). With a background of using the arts in Prison, Davina brings creativity, energy and enthusiasm for evidence based practice to the team. Davina joined Why me? as a Trustee in December 2016.

Matthew Pink initially trained as a Probation Officer, then moved to work as a Senior Practitioner in the Youth Offending Service.

Matthew currently manages the Restorative Justice Team in Cambridgeshire Youth Offending Service, and has experience as a trainer and practitioner in Restorative Justice work in the Criminal Justice System and the workplace.

Will Jacks, Research and Strategy Development Manager at the Henry Smith Charity.

Will joined the Why Me? Board in June 2017. He started his career in the criminal justice sector and has worked in a prison as well as with police tackling online Hate Crime; he has authored several research papers on this. Since 2013, Will has worked for The Henry Smith Charity, a large grant making trust where he is responsible for research and strategy development. He brings an understanding of the charity sector and experience working on both sides of the funder/grantee relationship.

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