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We are a small charity with national reach. Our growing team of staff are dedicated to improving access to Restorative Justice for people affected by crime.

Lucy Jaffe, DirectorLucy Jaffé

Lucy is the Director of Why me?. She brings an extensive portfolio of skills and experience to the role, with a background in the voluntary, corporate and statutory sectors. In her early career, she established the charity, Reunite, International Child Abduction Centre, with and for parents. She has also worked across several voluntary infrastructure bodies, most recently as a trustee of the Criminal Justice Alliance. Lucy’s career includes operations, marketing and HR at senior management and Board level for the corporate sector, specialising in insurance software for the Lloyds of London market. Her leadership role at Why me? ensures that the lived experience of people affected by crime and conflict are at the heart of the charity, as well as establishing relationships with community and criminal justice agencies to develop productive partnerships. She contributes regularly to national and international platforms to promote and embed restorative approaches so that the people directly affected are supported to create thriving and positive communities.

Leah Robinson

Headshot of Leah Robinson

Leah Robinson is our Restorative Justice Development Officer (Youth Justice). She is currently working on two of Why me?’s projects: one developing the use of Restorative Justice for LGBTQ+ hate crime in London, and the other improving Restorative Justice for young people and young adults.

Leah’s academic background is in Criminology and Youth Work. She has joined Why me? from a Youth Offending Team where she used restorative practices to work with both young people who have committed offences and those harmed by their actions. Leah is a trained Restorative Justice practitioner and feels strongly about the benefits the process can have for everyone involved.

Why me? logo, Transforming lives through Restorative Justice

Silvi Naskinova

Silvi is our Team Administrator, helping us manage finances and projects, training and events, working with the team to strengthen Restorative Justice and practice, as well as ensuring good governance. Silvi has experience of working in the police and the charity sector so feels close to, and inspired by, what Restorative Justice can offer.

Mark Smith

Why me? logo, Transforming lives through Restorative Justice

Mark is the Restorative Justice coordinator. He oversees the work of the volunteer facilitators and manages the cases which come into Why me?’s Restorative Justice service.

Having retired from the police service as a career detective, Mark worked for Essex Probation Service and then volunteered as a facilitator for the Restorative Justice service in Essex. These experiences led him to be passionate about the opportunities that Restorative Justice can bring for victims and offenders.

Mark is currently working on a project funded by the Home Office exploring how Restorative Justice might be used to help retailers who are the victims of crime. The project seeks to improve the understanding of how these crimes affects everyone who is involved, retailers and their families, offenders, the local economy and the environment in which these businesses operate. Mark is excited about making a real difference to the lives of everyone who comes into contact with Why me?.

Sula Blankenberg

Headshot of Sula Blankenberg

Sula Blankenberg is a Development Officer at Why me? where she is currently leading on Project Articulate, a project aimed at widening access to Restorative Justice for people who speak English as an Additional Language (EAL). In this role she hopes to engage with diverse communities, ensuring that language and culture are not barriers for people accessing Restorative Justice, a tool that should be accessible to all.

After completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology, in 2020 Sula graduated from the University of Sussex with a Masters Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. It was through her studies that Sula built on her understanding of Restorative Justice as a crucial service, supporting individuals, families and the wider community, especially those who have been subjected to systemic harm.


Keeva Baxter

Headshot of Keeva Baxter

Keeva Baxter is our Communications and Events Officer. She will be using our social media platforms, newsletter and website to promote Why me?’s work and the wider use of Restorative Justice. She also manages Why me?’s events and forums, bringing together the Restorative Justice community to discuss key issues in the field.

She graduated from Sussex University with a degree in law and went on to study a Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Masters degree. Through her studies she learnt about how beneficial Restorative Justice can be for people affected by crime and the importance of empathy and dialogue.

Lucy Harris

Headshot of Lucy Harris

Lucy is our Fundraising and Public Relations Officer. She supports the development of Why me?’s fundraising by maintaining relationships with our project and core funders, and generating funds from new or underdeveloped areas, such as sponsorship events and individual giving. She is also working on our Economic Evaluation project, initially as a research assistant and now in the dissemination of our findings.

After completing her undergraduate degree in Sociology with Criminology at the University of York, Lucy graduated from University College London with a Masters in Crime and Forensic Science. Through her academic and volunteering experiences in the charity sector, she developed a passion for making a positive impact on the Criminal Justice System, and has continued this in her role at Why me?.

Meka Beresford

Headshot of Meka Beresford

Meka Beresford is our Campaigns and Communications Manager. She oversees public affairs, policy and research for Why me?.

Meka worked in journalism for a number of years covering rights-based issues before making the switch to the third sector, where she worked across human rights organisations in a communications capacity. Most recently, she worked in the sexual violence field, researching and sharing survivor experiences. This work inspired her to join Why me? after seeing a real need for alternative forms of justice that help everyone involved in a crime.

Frank Grimsey Jones

Frank is our Researcher. As a qualified health economist, Frank is passionate about using his expertise to improve the effectiveness of public services and has a wealth of previous experience in this field.

His role at Why me? will involve working closely on different projects to analyse evidence on the impact of Restorative Justice.

For Frank, Restorative Justice stands out as an innovative approach that has the potential to improve the lives and opportunities available to all those affected by and involved in crime.

If you are interested in joining the Why me? team, check for vacancies on the Get Involved page.

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