Why me? asks PCC Candidates to #SignTheRJPledge

With the Police and Crime Commissioner elections approaching on the 6th of May, Why me? are asking every candidate to #SignTheRJPledge .

Restorative Justice can transform the lives of people affected by crime, giving them the chance to have their questions answered, explain the damage done by the incident and move forward. Every victim of crime with a known offender should be informed about Restorative Justice, but data from the Office of National Statistics shows that only 1 in 20 recall this happening in reality. 

This isn’t good enough, and we can change it together.

Victims of crime should be able to decide for themselves whether they want to explore Restorative Justice, and be offered a referral to a restorative provider. 

We are calling on PCC candidates to #SignTheRJPledge to support giving victims of crime this opportunity. 


The Pledge

We are asking candidates to agree to “work to ensure that any victim of crime is informed about Restorative Justice, and can decide for themself if they want a referral to our Restorative provider”

Are you a PCC candidate who wants to sign the pledge? Just print and sign this RJ pledge design and email it to info@why-me.org.


Do you support our campaign? You can help! 

Download our campaign toolkit which has everything you need to get involved. Here you can find copies of the pledge, template tweets and an email template to send to your local PCC candidates. Click here to download the  #SignTheRJPledge Campaign toolkit.

Contact your PCC

We’ve made a spreadsheet with the contact details of all the current PCCs and candidates. Find your local PCC here and ask them to sign up! 

Here is a template letter if helpful: Template Letter


Who has signed? 

10 PCCs have signed up… 

Dafydd Llywelyn – Plaid Cymru PCC for Dyfed-Powys

Martin Surl – Independent PCC for Gloucestershire

Clive Grunshaw – Labour PCC for Lancashire

Lord Willy Bach – Labour PCC for Leicestershire

Arfon Jones – Plaid Cymru PCC for North Wales 

Paddy Tipping – Labour PCC for Nottinghamshire

Tim Passmore – Conservative PCC for Suffolk

David Munro – Independent PCC for Surrey

Philip Seccombe – Conservative PCC for Warwickshire

David Jamieson – Labour PCC for West Midlands


30 candidates running to become PCCs…

Cleo Lake – Green PCC Candidate for Avon & Somerset

John Smith – Lib Dem PCC Candidate for Avon & Somerset

Jas Parmar – Lib Dem PCC Candidate for Bedfordshire

Nicky Massey – Labour PCC Candidate for Cambridgeshire

Rupert Moss-Eccardt – Lib Dem PCC Candidate for Cambridgeshire

Barbara Cannon – Labour PCC Candidate for Cumbria

Mark Christie – Lib Dem PCC Candidate for Cumbria

Gareth Derrick – Labour PCC Candidate for Devon & Cornwall

Brian Blake – Lib Dem PCC Candidate for Devon & Cornwall

Patrick Canavan – Labour PCC Candidate for Dorset

Chris Vince – Labour PCC Candidate for Essex

Tony Bunday – Labour PCC Candidate for Hampshire

Richard Murphy – Lib Dem PCC Candidate for Hampshire

Philip Ross – Labour PCC Candidate for Hertfordshire

Lola Oyewusi – Labour PCC Candidate for Kent

Ross Willmott – Labour PCC Candidate for Leicestershire

Emily Spurrell – Labour PCC Candidate for Merseyside

Kris Brown – Lib Dem PCC Candidate for Merseyside

Andy Dunbobbin – Labour PCC Candidate for North Wales

Alison Hume – Labour PCC Candidate for North Yorkshire

Keith Tordoff MBE – Independent PCC Candidate for North Yorkshire

Michael Baker – Independent PCC Candidate for South Wales

James Sandbach – Lib Dem PCC Candidate for Suffolk

Paul Kennedy – Lib Dem PCC Candidate for Surrey

Paul Richards – Labour PCC Candidate for Sussex

Ben Twomey – Labour PCC Candidate for Warwickshire

Margaret Rowley – Lib Dem PCC Candidate for West Mercia

Kuldip Sahota – Labour PCC Candidate for West Mercia

Simon Foster – Labour PCC Candidate for West Midlands

Junab Ali – Labour PCC Candidate for Wiltshire

John Smith – Independent PCC candidate for Avon and Somerset


Three Mayoral Candidates…

Luisa Porritt – Lib Dem Mayoral Candidate for London

Sian Berry – Green Mayoral Candidate for London

Simon Lepori – Lib Dem Mayoral Candidate for Manchester

Thank you so much for your support, which will help to give people affected by crime power over their own recovery.

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