Accessing Restorative Justice

Have you been affected by crime or conflict? Do you still think about it? Do you have unanswered questions? Is there more that you need to say? 

Have you thought about Restorative Justice? 

Restorative Justice allows people harmed by crime to communicate with those responsible, getting answers about what happened to them and having their say. This happens in a controlled environment and is mediated by trained facilitators. This experience has been transformative for many people, including our Restorative Justice ambassadors. 

Contacting your local Restorative Justice provider

You will have a Restorative Justice service in your area which will have links to your local police. If you want to get in touch with your local Restorative Justice service you can use our map to find them. 

Getting in touch with your local provider is not making a commitment to going through a restorative process. If you have any questions about Restorative Justice, they will be happy to help.


Our Restorative Justice service

We run our own Restorative Justice service and can talk to you about what you may want to achieve from taking part in a Restorative Justice process. 

We have trained Restorative Justice facilitators who can help you meet your needs. Be that a face to face meeting (a meeting can be online), a letter exchange or even just a conversation about what happened in a safe space, our facilitators can take you through the options and work with you to see if Restorative Justice is possible and desirable. This may involve asking if you would be happy to be referred to a Restorative Justice service local to you (see below).

To speak to one of our trained facilitators, please contact us on: or by phone on 07704 307 822.

By having an initial meeting with a facilitator you are not committing to anything further. But exploring the possibility of a restorative process with a trained facilitator can be beneficial in itself, and help you to understand your needs.

Our service is equipped to prepare you for a restorative process regardless of the type of crime you have been harmed by. This includes crimes which are sometimes not covered by other services, such as domestic abuse, sexual violence and hate crime. 

If you are a professional working with someone interested in Restorative Justice, please complete and return the form below:

Why me? Referral Form


If you want to access Restorative Justice through our service, you will also need to fill in our Privacy and Consent form below: 

Restorative Justice Service Privacy and Consent Form


Why me? takes safeguarding extremely seriously. Read our safeguarding policy below.

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