Empowering victims to speak out

This project aimed to amplify the voices of people affected by crime within Greater London. Its primary purpose was to work with people who had benefited from Restorative Justice to help them to tell their story. We also supported them to influence policy and participate in decisions about service design and practice.

Prior knowledge about victims’ voices promoting Restorative Justice

  • In 2019, the number of victims nationally who were aware that they had been offered Restorative Justice was less than 5%.
  • Stories from Restorative Justice participants can illustrate its impact, improve public awareness of the process, and increase the number of people affected by crime who take part.
  • There is a need for people from a wider range of backgrounds to speak out about their positive experiences.

What we achieved

  • We empowered more people affected by crime to speak out about their Restorative Justice experience.
  • We developed our team of Restorative Justice Ambassadors through training, one-to-one support and peer group meetings.
  • Our Ambassadors influenced many criminal justice professionals and other stakeholders about the power of Restorative Justice.

In this video, Wendy speaks about why she chose to become an Ambassador for Why me?. 



Here Teresa explains what she has gained since working for Why me?.



The leaflet below explains more about this project, and what it is like to be an ambassador for Why me?. Let us know if you would like a hard copy.


For more information about the project email Linda at Linda.Millington@why-me.org

This work is funded by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime’s Victims’ Fund.

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