The Evidence supporting Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice works. It helps victims of crime to move forward with their lives, and reduces rates of repeated offending.

Why me? are fighting for those affected by crime to have access to Restorative Justice. Our campaigns have produced evidence which support its use.

Making Restorative Justice Happen for Hate Crime

Why me? is fighting for victims of hate crime to have the option of Restorative Justice. Following a two year project, we have published two papers on how to make Restorative Justice happen for hate crime.

These reports follow the Access to Justice: Delivering Restorative Justice for hate crime project. We worked in partnership with three police areas: Lancashire, Cambridgeshire and Avon & Somerset, to improve provision of Restorative Justice for hate crime, and to appreciate the barriers which prevent victims of hate crime from being given the option of Restorative Justice.

The papers give a clear checklist of actions which can unlock this option for victims of hate crime.

Making Restorative Justice happen for hate crime in your police area gives recommendations to restorative providers, police, victim staff and Police and Crime Commissioners about how to increase the use of Restorative Justice for hate crime in their police area.

Making Restorative Justice happen for hate crime across the country gives recommendations to national policy makers – including the Ministry of Justice, Home Office and Crown Prosecution Service – about how to ensure that victims of hate across England and Wales are offered Restorative Justice.

Benefits of Restorative Justice

A wide range of research and practice has shown the benefits of Restorative Justice.

The UK Government funded a seven year research programme into Restorative Justice in 2001. Findings from this research showed that Restorative Justice produced:

  • 85% satisfaction rate for victims
  • 14% reduction in repeated offending
  • £8 savings for the Criminal Justice System for every £1 spent on Restorative Justice.

We have gathered the evidence for Restorative Justice below:

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