Why me? run events aimed at widening access to Restorative Justice, exchanging knowledge and sharing findings from our projects. Our forums are recurring meetings for a specific audience, whereas our other events are stand alone conferences.  


We run one monthly forum for people working in Youth Offending teams, and one monthly forum for people working for PCC-funded Restorative Providers. 

These forums are an opportunity to meet those working in your sector to learn and share knowledge as well as stay up to date with what is happening in the Restorative Justice community, hear from key speakers and engage in lively and relevant discussion.  


Youth Justice Forum

The next Youth Justice Forum is on Friday 29th October at 12pm.

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The next Restorative Provider Forum is on Thursday 28th October at 11am.

Restorative Justice Service Provider Forum

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We run a variety of different events throughout the year which cover a wide range of topics. From sharing findings from our latest projects to highlighting practical advice for best delivering Restorative Justice, we aim to offer engaging, accessible and interactive events which we hope you find useful.

Restorative Justice Unpacked: University Edition

Wednesday 27th October, 2:00 – 3:30 pm, Zoom

Join Why me? on the 27th of October, for an RJ unpacked event where we will talk about what Restorative Justice is, clear up any misconceptions, and generate a discussion about how it can transform the Criminal Justice System for the better.

We will also be joined by one of our Why me? ambassadors to speak about their personal experience with Restorative Justice and how they benefited from it. Hearing from someone who has dealt with a traumatic experience through RJ is a really unique opportunity and we hope it gives you the chance to fully understand how and why the process works.

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Working restoratively with cases of domestic and sexual abuse

Thursday 25th November, 2:00 – 5:00 pm, online

Join Why me? on the 25th of November for a discussion on the use of Restorative Justice for cases of domestic and sexual abuse. The event is an opportunity for professionals in the criminal justice sector to discuss the benefits of using restorative interventions in these cases, and how the risks involved can be appropriately managed.

On October 1st, Why me? published our report: ‘Using restorative approaches for domestic and sexual abuse: A personal choice’ which considers academic research, the testimony of Why me? ambassadors, and existing good practice to unpick the benefits, risks and best practice for using restorative approaches in cases of domestic and sexual abuse.

This event will share the findings of our report and discuss how Restorative Justice can best be used in cases of domestic or sexual abuse.

By attending you will get:

  • To learn about and discuss the benefits of using Restorative Justice for cases of domestic and sexual abuse.

  • To learn about and discuss how the risks of working restoratively in these cases can be appreciated and managed.

  • To hear best practice about offering and delivering Restorative Justice with survivors and perpetrators of domestic or sexual abuse.

  • To hear from people with first hand experience of these crimes and how Restorative Justice helped their recovery.

  • To take part in a conversation with the sector about how we can better support survivors.

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Why me? can provide training courses in using Restorative Justice for people with English as an Additional Language and in Youth Justice. As well as providing awareness events and core restorative skills training, we also have a wide range of expertise in hate crime, online Restorative Justice and domestic and sexual abuse.

If you would like to find out more, or have any other proposals for training, please contact our Deputy Director, Linda Millington at or on 07704 307822.



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