Are you interested in learning more about Restorative Justice? Do you want to share ideas with others in the field and hear from our ambassador’s about their experience of Restorative Justice? Sign up to our latest events!

  • Our events are for people with different levels of understanding of Restorative justice.
  • The events highlight good practice for delivering Restorative Justice. 
  • A unique aspect of our events is the partnership with our lived experienced ambassadors who share their stories about their experience of Restorative Justice and advocate for widened access for all. 


Why me? started running monthly forums at the beginning of lockdown as a way of bringing the Restorative Justice community together. We continue to run forums every couple of months, aimed at Restorative Justice practitioners, people working in Youth Offending Teams, and those working in a wide range of other restorative contexts. If you have an interest in Restorative Justice, join us for our next session.

We send out invite links to our Restorative Justice Forums via email, if you would like to be on the mailing list and the first to find out about our upcoming forums, please email

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