Understanding Restorative Justice

These videos explain how Restorative Justice works, and how powerful it can be in repairing the harm caused by crime.

The Woolf Within

Peter Woolf had, by his own reckoning, committed about 20,000 crimes before he committed his final offence against Will Riley. He was caught burgling Will’s house, assaulted him, and ended up in prison yet again. But this time it was different. Peter was given the opportunity to meet Will again in a Restorative Justice session in Pentonville prison. The meeting changed both their lives for ever.  In this short film Peter and Will tell their stories.

A Restorative Justice Meeting (Short Version)

The video shows a shortened account of a Restorative Justice Meeting, played by actors. The video shows what a restorative meeting is, the process that goes on before a meeting is staged, and the different roles and techniques at play during the meeting.


Repairing the Harm

This six minute video is suitable for those new to RJ and/or practitioners wanting to encourage discuss and demonstrate the impact.

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