RJ & Youth Offending Practitioners


Why me? have set up the RJ UK project with a vision to introduce young people aged 14 – 19 years old to the concRJ Logoept of Restorative Justice in the British justice system.

These interactive materials produced for the campaign can be used by teachers to align with Curriculum areas of Citizenship KS 3 & 4, (+PSHE Core Theme 1: Health and Well-being) and can also be used as an additional resource for youth practitioners mentoring young people around themes of conflict resolution, justice and societal views towards crime.

Download Resources Here

Essex Youth Offending Team

The Essex Youth Offending Team have created a  Victim Awareness Workbook and produced two films available on YouTube (see below).

To get in touch with Essex YOS, please call Paul Taylor or Cally Lewis on 03330 138 943.

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