Our Work

Why me? envisions a world where all people affected by crime and conflict have the support they need to heal and move on. Our mission is to ensure that people can access Restorative Justice regardless of who they are or the type of crime they experienced.

In order to make this vision into a reality, our work has three key strands. We campaign for a fairer and more effective justice system by engaging with government and policy-makers; we run projects with particular groups who face increased barriers to access; and we provide a ‘safety net’ Restorative Justice service for cases that local providers are unable or unwilling to accept.

Campaigning for change

Why me? regularly engages with policy-makers, PCCs and government, shaping the national conversation around Restorative Justice. The aim is to strengthen the rights of people affected by crime through legislation, adequate funding and accountability.

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Dismantling barriers to access

Through our work, we have seen firsthand that people from certain groups or who have experienced certain types of crime face additional barriers to accessing Restorative Justice. Our projects identify and overcome these barriers through proactive outreach, innovative approaches and collaboration.

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Accessing Restorative Justice

We run our own Restorative Justice Service for those who are unable to access a restorative process via their local provider. Our team of facilitators are highly trained and experienced.

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