Accessing Restorative Justice

Have you been affected by crime or conflict? Do you still think about it? Do you have unanswered questions? Is there more that you need to say? 

Have you thought about Restorative Justice? 

Restorative Justice is a transformative tool that facilitates communication between the person affected by a crime and the person responsible. You can learn more about Restorative Justice and how it has helped people affected by crime here.

If you want to access Restorative Justice, please contact your local provider (see our interactive map below).

Please note that by having an initial meeting with a facilitator, you are not committing yourself to anything further. In itself, exploring the possibility of a restorative process with a trained professional can be beneficial and help you to understand your needs.

Contact your local Restorative Justice provider

Why me?’s Restorative Justice service

Why me?’s Restorative Justice Service began in 2015 when access to Restorative Justice across England and Wales was limited. Since that time, provision has greatly increased, due partly to our own campaigning efforts. Nowadays, most of the enquiries to our service can be directed to local providers. However, where local providers are unable or unwilling to take on a case, we provide a ‘safety net’ service, regardless of the type of crime that has been committed. Over the years, we have gained much experience in facilitating a restorative process in cases of domestic abuse, sexual violence and hate crime.

Our Service Coordinator can talk with you in confidence to determine if Restorative Justice is appropriate in your case and help direct you to the right service.

Please contact us on ensuring to include information on where you are based.

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