Access to Justice: Restorative Justice for LGBTQ+ hate crime


This project promotes access to and provision of Restorative Justice as a method of addressing LGBTQ+ hate crime and incidents committed by young people across London. Within this project, Why me? is working with LGBTQ+ organisations, Youth Offending Teams and professionals from other statutory and NGO agencies to both provide and promote the use of Restorative Justice to tackle LGBTQ+ hate crime and incidents. Why me? is doing this by focusing on working specifically within London boroughs, the first of which is Wandsworth.

What are we doing?

  • Why me? has published a chapter in the Safe To Be Handbook by the Speak Out project about using Restorative Justice in cases of LGBTQ+ hate crime. 
  • We have established referral links that enable LGBTQ+ groups to refer cases to our in-house Restorative Justice service.
  • We have partnered with LGBTQ+ organisations to do joint work on Restorative Justice.
  • We have conducted Restorative Justice awareness raising sessions with LGBTQ+ community groups.
  • We have given our staff LGBTQ+ training.
  • Partnering with an LGBTQ+ organisation, Youth Offending Team and other agencies within a London borough to establish referral processes directly to our Restorative Justice service.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of Restorative Justice for LGBTQ+ hate crime through attendance at external forums and articles.
  • We are also aiming to recruit LGBTQ+ Community Ambassadors to talk about their experience of using Restorative Justice, and develop a UK-wide guidance booklet on using Restorative Justice for LGBTQ+ hate crime.

Why are we doing this?

“People on the receiving end of hate crime have few options about how to respond and recover. Their lives can be transformed by having the opportunity to get their questions answered and to be heard by the person who perpetrated the crime.”

Lucy Jaffé, Director of Why me?

The leaflet below gives more information about how Restorative Justice can benefit people affected by hate crime. We also have a copy tailored towards young people.





If you are interested in finding out more about our LGBTQ+ project, please contact Leah Robinson at

This work is funded by City Bridge Trust. Twitter: @CityBridgeTrust


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