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Why me? offer a range of training including:

Restorative Justice: Unpacked – a two hour introductory session explaining what Restorative Justice and its power.

Foundation Training – a one day course to learn more about Restorative Justice and how to talk to someone about it.

Facilitation Training – a  practical three day course teaching everything you need to know about how to run a restorative process.

Find out more about each option below.

Continuing professional development - 2 hoursRestorative Justice: Unpacked

Suitable for those with no/little prior knowledge of Restorative Justice. Delivered in 1.5 – 2 hours, face-to-face or online by one trainer and one Why me? ambassador.

Learning Objectives:
● An introduction to what Restorative Justice is and how it works.
● To hear about the power of Restorative Justice from one of Why me?’s Restorative
Justice ambassadors who has taken part in the process.
● To generate discussion about how Restorative Justice can transform the criminal
justice system.

● Trainees confident to explain what Restorative Justice is.
● Trainees have better understanding of the potential transformative impact of
Restorative Justice.
● Trainees know what to do if they want to refer someone or themselves for
Restorative Justice.

Continuing professional development - full dayFoundation Training

Suitable for between 5-16 trainees. Delivered in one day, face-to-face or online.

Learning objectives:
● An introduction to the concepts and philosophy of restorative practice.
● To gain an understanding of restorative practice/Restorative Justice and the relevant criminal justice policy and practice.
● To be able to inform people about Restorative Justice.
● To recognise when anyone who has been involved in the Criminal Justice System
might be ready to explore Restorative Justice.
● How to make the offer of Restorative Justice to people who have caused harm and
those who have been harmed by crime/conflict.
● To give an overview of how restorative approaches can be used across different
functions within an organisation/team.
● To learn and practice how to have a restorative conversation.
● To know how to refer to restorative organisations and manage expectations.

● Trainees confident to make the offer of Restorative Justice.
● Trainees confident to hold a restorative conversation with people affected by harm.
● Trainees able to manage expectations about referrals and options.

The training will involve a variety of activities including teaching, videos, group discussions
and skills practices relevant to the scenarios that the trainees may encounter.

Continuing professional development - 2 daysFacilitation Training

Suitable for between 6-12 trainees. Two days, face to face training. Trainees must have completed the one-day Foundation Training a maximum of two months prior to the facilitation training.

Learning objectives:
● Learn how to make initial contact with participants and obtain consent.
● Understanding risk assessment.
● How to prepare participants for a restorative process.
● Understanding of the different types of restorative process.
● How to facilitate a restorative conference.
● Carry out follow up work after a restorative intervention.
● How to work with a co-facilitator.
● Understanding the importance of case supervision.

● Trainees confident to be able to facilitate restorative process for non-complex cases
(level 2)
● Trainees have a greater understanding of the power of Restorative Justice
● Increased access to restorative services

The training will involve a variety of activities including teaching, videos, group discussions
and skills practice relevant to the scenarios that the trainees may encounter.

We also provide training courses in using Restorative Justice for people with English as an Additional Language and in Youth Justice. Our training is tailored to the sector you work in and we can run bespoke training courses based on your needs. We have a wide range of expertise in LGBTQ+ hate crime, Learning Disability and Autism hate crime, online Restorative Justice, and domestic and sexual abuse. 

If you would like to find out more, or have any other proposals for training, please contact us via

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