Restorative Justice Resources

Why me? produce books, DVDs and resources suitable for criminal justice professionals, teachers, restorative justice practitioners and individuals interested in learning more about the Restorative Justice process.

The Woolf Within

Peter Woolf and Will Riley tell their story of how they met in this short yet powerful film. If you would like to purchase a copy of the DVD “The Woolf Within” contact us on The Woolf Within also available with English sub-titles.

Restorative Justice Re-enactment Video

This short film is based on a  Restorative Justice meeting, which took place in the UK between a female offender and one of her victims. The script is an adapted version of the meeting where the victim talks about the impact on her life of being burgled and the offender talks about the reasons why she did it. A great resource, for the full version please visit the Observer Programme page

Repairing the Harm DVD

Victims of crime share their story and how taking part in the Restorative Justice (RJ) has helped them move forward. This six minute video is suitable for those new to RJ and/or practitioners wanting to encourage discuss and demonstrate the impact.

The Damage Done Book

Peter Woolf a prolific offender brought  up in a life of crime shares his story and introduction to RJ. Copies of the book, by Peter Woolf, “The Damage Done”, can be purchased by getting in touch at

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