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Being a victim of crime is not a lifestyle choice

In light of last week’s publication of a Victims Strategy by the Ministry of Justice, Why me? Director Lucy Jaffé shares some reflections on what this means for Restorative Justice and victims’ rights.

Why me? on BBC Radio York

During International RJ Week, we spoke with BBC Radio York about RJ and how it can benefit victims of crime

#RJWeek2017: Why me? Ambassador receives Inspiring Communicator Awards

Rosalyn Boyce named as a winner at the CharityComms Inspiring Communicator Awards.

#RJWeek2017: Why me? Supporting Victims of Hate Crime

During International RJ Week 2017, Why me? launched The Hate Crime RJ Project. Read on to hear how we will be supporting victims, services and the police nationwide.

#RJWeek2017: Durham Police and Crime Commissioner’s leads the way in providing victims of crime with access to high quality Restorative Justice

Joint press release between Durham PCC and Why me? for International RJ Week 2017

#RJWeek2017: Higher levels of victim satisfaction in cases where restorative justice is used

Valuing Victims Part II report reveals not all victims of crime are receiving support to help them recover from harm

#RJWeek2017: Making The Parole Board work for victims

We are delighted that Parole board CEO Martin Jones and Chair Nick Hardwick have committed to supporting our Initiative to improve victims’ experience.

International Restorative Justice Week 2017

The Why me? team celebrates significant RJ progress this RJ week 19th – 26th November

Case Study 1: County Durham & Darlington Restorative Hub

As part of the Valuing Victims Part II report, we approached Durham Restorative Service to share how they are monitoring and evaluating performance. Read Durham’s story

Case Study 2: Sussex Restorative Justice Partnership

As part of the Valuing Victims Part II report, we approached Sussex Restorative Justice Partnership to share how they monitor and evaluate the Restorative Justice service. Read Sussex’s Story.

Putting Victims First: September e-news edition

Our team had a great time this month visiting victim services and meeting professionals from different Victim Services across England and Wales. Read On

[Newsletter] Summer Update from Why me?

E-newsletter looking at all that’s been achieved this summer and looking ahead to Autumn 2017.

Reflections from our recent Team Forum

On Wednesday 19th July our Restorative Justice team welcomed Director Lucy Jaffé of Why me?, Peter Woolf, six facilitators and our latest recruit intern Izzy along with Michael Fajobi, RJ coordinator for Restore London.  Jyoti our Deputy RJ Coordinator lead the Forum shares reflections and learning from the day.   The team gathered to share […]

[Meet the Team] Isabella’s first month with Why me?

Welcome to our newest recruit, Isabella as she shares her first month with us in our London Offices.

Supporting West Midlands serious and complex cases

Why me? have been commissioned by the Police and Crime Commissioner to undertake further complex and serious Restorative Justice (RJ) casework.

Collaborating to widen public understanding of Restorative Justice

The Restorative Justice community working together to increase public awareness.

Becoming a Trustee of Why me? By Dr. Davina Cull

The role of trustee is important within the voluntary sector. Davina shares her experience of being a trustee at Why me?

Complex and Sensitive Cases benefiting from RJ

Why me? is continuing to grow a reputation for delivery of high quality Restorative Justice for complex and sensitive cases.

The Power of Dialogue: Victories and Struggles in pursuit of Restorative Justice in the UK

Louise writes about the different challenges the service has faced this year in supporting individuals through the RJ process and encourages practitioners to collaborate and communicate at every stage

Restorative Justice and Mediation: Is there a difference?

Charlotte Calkin considers the relationship between Restorative Justice and Mediation in practice.

Creative restorative practice offers victims a voice

Restorative Justice takes courage on the part of the victim of crime to face the offender and courage too on the part of the offender. How much more courage therefore, would a victim need to face not one offender, but a group of twenty? And in prison.

Successful RJ – the views of service providers

Restorative Justice Service Providers give their perspective on what ‘successful’ RJ looks like

Successful RJ – a victim’s view

Charlotte’s previous blog mentioned Margaret Foxley who met the man who burgled her home.  Here Margaret explains what happened and why she considers the meeting to have had a very positive outcome . “My family and my home are the most precious things in my life. With my husband, I have worked extremely hard to […]

What does successful RJ look like?

Provision of RJ is measured by how many face-to-face conferences take place. Budgets and funding bids are won on the promise of delivering a certain number of face-to-face conferences. But does this criteria negatively impact on the provision of RJ and how do you define successful RJ anyway?

Restorative Letters

Why me?’s resident facilitator, Charlotte Calkin explains why letter writing has a vital part to play in the restorative process in some cases. By Restorative Letters we do not mean the initial contact letters that are sent to victims inviting them to participate in a restorative process.

Guidance Around Making Contact With Victims In Historic Cases

Charlotte Calkin blogs about issues of concern to Restorative Justice facilitators.  An experienced facilitator herself, Charlotte is keen to hear the views of other practitioners and of victims who have been through Restorative Justice. Her first post discusses how best to establish a relationship with the victim of a crime which happened a long time […]

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