What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice is a process which involves a victim of a crime meeting with the offender and discussing the impact of the incident on them. The process is entirely voluntary from all parties, and is managed by trained Restorative Justice facilitators.

Restorative Justice has been shown to have significant benefits to both victims and offenders.

The government funded a £7 million seven year research programme into Restorative Justice in 2001. The findings of the project were that:

  • 85% of victims who took part were satisfied with the process.
  • Restorative Justice reduces the frequency of repeated offending by 14%
  • Restorative Justice saves £8 to the criminal justice system for every £1 spent.

The Victims’ Code states that all victims of crime should be made aware of the opportunity of Restorative Justice. But in 2018 only 7.5% of victims recalled this subject being raised.

Why me? believes that all victims should be given access to a Restorative Justice process, and we are fighting to make this a reality.

This short film is based on a  Restorative Justice meeting, which took place in the UK between a female offender and one of her victims. The script is an adapted version of the meeting where the victim talks about the impact on her life of being burgled and the offender talks about the reasons why she did it. Please note that this is a verbatim re-enactment of a Restorative Justice conference, but that the people in the film are actors.


There are a lot of misconceptions about Restorative Justice, and victims understandably want to know all of the information before taking part. This tackles some of the most common questions which victims have about the process.

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Restorative Justice Resources

We have resources which you can watch and purchase if you are interested in Restorative Justice. These include DVDs about the process, a reenactment video, and the Woolf Within – a video about Peter and Will’s Restorative Justice meeting which led to the creation of Why me? We can also sell copies of Peter Woolf’s book: The Damage Done.

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