Why me?’s response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our organisation like it has for many others. But we are working as hard as ever and carrying on with as much of our normal work as possible. 

Our Restorative Justice service

We are still accepting referrals for Restorative Justice. If you think you might benefit from Restorative Justice, then read more hereWe will then have an initial conversation with you about your case, and will seek to support you remotely. You can also read more about what Restorative Justice is.

Online forums

Why me? are organising regular online forums, which are helping to connect organisations interested in Restorative Justice during the pandemic.

We are hosting two regular forums:

  1. Aimed at PCC funded Restorative Justice providers.
  2. Aimed at YOTs and others working with young people and Restorative Justice.

If you want to join the conversation, please email us at info@why-me.org including which forum you are interested in in the subject line. We will reply giving you more details.

Our reflections on COVID-19

We’re concerned about victims of crime during this period. It is so important that victim services and restorative providers keep them informed about the status of their case, and reassure them that they haven’t been forgotten.

Renan Araujo wrote about how Restorative Justice could help ease the backlog of cases.

Trevor Watson wrote about the risks of over-zealous enforcement of social distancing laws, and the importance of restorative policing during this crisis.

And this paper looks at the increased importance of Restorative Policing in the pandemic and beyond

Supporting Why me? and Restorative Justice

Viv Hulland woke up the night before her mum’s funeral to find a young man was burgling her house. The chance to meet him again through Restorative Justice helped her to move forward from the incident and try to put the man on a better path.

Viv is now an ambassador for Why me?, and has an important message about how to support our charity during these difficult times:

We want to continue working hard to promote and provide Restorative Justice throughout this difficult period. Your support could allow us to do this. We’re asking you to make a donation to support Why me? and Restorative Justice. Any amount which you can give will be enormously appreciated

Donate here

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